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Parkview Program Overview

Parkview School is a program designed for students who desire an alternative to traditional classroom instruction. Instructional strategies may include independent study, online learning, concurrent classes, and workshops.
In this program, students, parents, and teachers team together according to a written agreement under the general supervision of a certified teacher. While students follow the state and District-adopted curriculum and meet the district graduation requirements, the program allows for flexibility to meet their individual needs, interests, and styles of learning.
Because of the unique nature of the partnership between parent, teacher and student that is core to Parkview, each family meets with their teacher as required to ensure maximum student success. Time and day will be stated on the enrollment agreement. This may entail weekly, biweekly, or monthly meetings (based on individual needs) with a Parkview teacher. Parents must be able to provide transportation to the mutually agreed upon location indicated on the enrollment agreement. Families, who become aware of special or extenuating circumstances that will prohibit them from keeping their appointment, need to contact their teacher and make alternative arrangements. Students are expected to arrive on time for their appointments, or notify their teacher at least two hours in advance of a delay.
Continued enrollment in Parkview School is based on compliance with all policies set forth in the enrollment agreement and includes the mutual agreement between the parent, student and teacher that Parkview is an appropriate placement for the student.
Missing assignments or appointments may ultimately result in being referred back to your school of residence.